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Keys Annual Golf Tournament

Keys Charity Fund Annual Golf Classic

The Keys Charity Fund Annual Golf Classic is dedicated to serving the community by benefitting a local family in need of financial support. The event has raised over a half million dollars for families in need over its 19 year history. 


We will be the announcing soon the details for how much was raised to help this year’s recipient, Christopher Schlemmer, and his family, to help Christopher to live happily and productively.

Meet The 2023 Recipient, Christopher Schlemmer

An energetic and smart kiddo, Christopher suffers from a rare metabolic diagnosis of Congenital Disorders of Glycosylation. His diagnosis impacts every aspect of his development, he does not eat by mouth and uses a wheelchair for mobility. In addition to this genetic metabolic disorder, PMM2 CDG, Christopher is non-verbal and has had multiple surgeries, therapies, while requiring constant medical attention his entire life.

Christopher Schlemmer image

Christopher’s family has dedicated themselves to accessing medical care and therapies that best help Christopher progress. They regularly travel out of state to access intensive therapy where neuro motor disorder specialists have helped Christopher gain motor skills enabling him to help his caregivers, access his environment, and help him learn to play more independently. Twice a year, he travels for intensive therapy, which costs around $20,000.

Christopher will be soon starting an experimental treatment as part of a drug trial at Mayo Clinic which makes these therapies even more imperative. Christopher’s family also needs to modify their home with an addition so that his bedroom can be on the first floor. As he gets older (and bigger) it becomes increasingly harder for his family to carry him up the stairs. It is hoped that the addition can also include an accessible bathroom to make meeting all of Christopher’s selfcare and hygiene needs easier to meet.

Thank you to all the sponsors, participants and supporters that helped make this year’s Key’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament a success!